Auction Forms and Supplies that You Need

If you're going to start running auctions, you might not have thought about all of those "devilish details" that an auctioneer needs to have under his hat. This would mainly involve auction forms and the other equipment an auctioneer needs to run a smooth, seamless, organized auction. Things can get very bad very quickly if attendees and bidders believe they have been gypped, or some terrible mistake is made because of a lack of thoroughness.

What auction forms and equipment do you want to include in your supplies?

Auction lotting labels should be on your list. These labels give your auction a professional look and feel by enabling the easy identification of items not only for you but also for the auction attendees. Consider different colors for their ease of readability or their correspondence with the theme of your auction; in addition, consider using those with fluorescent labels if you're going to be holding an auction in low lighting conditions.

Next, have you got your bid cards and/or bid paddles? No auction can be without these. Depending on how you're running your auction, you may want to buy registration-style bid cards or blank bid paddles on which you can write purchase notes and big numerals. If you can find customizable bid paddles, that's a very good deal.

Auctioneer's legal forms will be needed by you, too. You need to keep track of everything from sales to auction details in minute detail and stay organized. These auctioneer's legal forms may include consignment forms, contracts, personal property bid forms, real estate forms, and so on, depending on what you are auctioning off. And along with these forms you will definitely need clerking sheets and clerk's forms.

Clerking sheets are essential for any type of auction. Most clerk tickets/sheets are now carbonless and will fit in any clerk filing system.

For facilitating smoothness, orderliness, and organization at your auction, you don't want to do without information signs. These might be about a wide range of different things: "Today's auction terms"; "10% discount items here!"; "Bid Rigging Is a Felony"; and so and so forth. Keep the auction attendees informed and guided in the right direction to keep everything above board and to keep your merchandise flowing. Along with these you'll want traffic direction signs.

Along the same lines as the information signs, what about some attention-grabbing banners? These advertise your auction to all those driving or hiking on by. Make sure the ones you buy are durable, have bold colors, and are easy to display.

There are other items you'll need to run a successful auction, but buying these written about here are essential for getting you started.

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